Zenergy helps Industries, Buildings and Corporations into saving energy.

Zenergy Method.

How do we do it?

Thanks to our experience and the most advanced technology of the market, we have identified the key factors to achieve greater energy efficiency.

We call the synergistic union of these elements: "The Zenergy Method".

CONNECT. Connect your devices and gather their information.

Connect your Industry to ZENERGY using the same unified operating platform and without relying on different manufacturers. Find answers to key questions:

  • What is my consumption of electricity, gas, water, and other resources?

  • Is my equipment using less power, gas or water prior periods?

  • How can I retrieve information from different data sources and integrate it?

  • How do I control my devices remotely?

ANALYZE. Monitor your energy consumption.

ZENERGY's accurate tools for data analysis ease your management.

  • How many resources have been consumed in the manufacture of products?

  • How do I monitor and predict peak demands and energy consumption?

  • Which are the periods of greatest consumption?

  • How are these resources shared and used among my production?

  • What should I do to lower energy consumption and what improvements should I prioritize?

AUTOMATE. Simplify control of your industry.

ZENERGY is a complete HDMI / SCADA solution designed to control your industry through automation of actions, ensuring the reduction of consumption.

ZENERGY allows remote operation of your buildings, ranging from controlled cooling systems to lights or motors.

  • What events can be controlled without human intervention?

  • When does a resource reach its maximum or minimum consumption?

  • How can I react immediately to an event in my industry?

  • How can I notify appointed supervisors when a particular event occurs?

IMPROVE. Identify your savings opportunities.

ZENERGY helps to identify, quantify, plan and prioritize the savings opportunities in your industry before doing any implementation. ZENERGY helps you to ease the task of analyze large amount of information from different buildings, comparing them with each other to identify the best investment return rate of their projects.

ZENERGY helps you discover which building is more appropriate to implement energy efficiency projects that will yield great benefits.

  • Are we using less energy, gas or water with the new equipment?

  • Are our energy policies working? How much money and energy are being saved?

  • Are our internal awareness campaigns actually reducing consumption?

  • What steps can be taken in order to improve?

CERTIFY. Become energy efficient.

Certifying your industry allows you to benefit from significant economic savings and increased valuation of your property.

ZENERGY allows your industry to certify the international standards Energy Star and LEED, receiving all the benefits of achieving such an important energy efficiency certification.

ZENERGY has a team of professionals who will help you during the certification process. Certification provides significant benefits tax costs, increasing valuation of your industry, and greater access to subsidies for purchasing new equipment.