Zenergy helps Industries, Buildings and Corporations into saving energy.

Key Benefits

Real savings

ZENERGY keeps track of your consumption while quantifies your real energy savings. This allows you to keep control of your financial savings in your building while reducing the consumption of electricity, water and gas.

ZENERGY does energy benchmarking providing indicators of Consumption, Cost and Carbon of your buildings updated in real time. Combining this information with our exclusive "Zenergy's Energy Efficiency Rank", you can know with certainty the degree of improvement achieved.

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ZENERGY accurately provides the rate of energy efficiency of your building, thanks to our unique "Zenergy's Rank", which combines the know-how of the major global certifications such as Energy Star and LEED with the achieved knowledge from our customers.

ZENERGY provides an energy efficiency rating to assess whether efforts have helped to achieve the goals established. With ZENERGY you can certify Energy Star and LEED which results in tax savings and cost reductions.

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Secure Automatization

ZENERGY allows you to control the operation of the boilers, lighting, HVAC and any other element of your building.

ZENERGY connects all kinds of different devices, integrating them on one unique platform, freeing you from choosing any type of manufacturer. Integration is simple: you just need to add your equipment into ZENERGY and you can control it remotely.

ZENERGY is a powerful HMI / SCADA oriented towards energy efficiency, supporting multiple data sources and over 20 communication protocols.

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Assisted Recommendation

ZENERGY offers recommendations to your employees in real time, based on a set of predefined rules, value ​​analysis and composition of your energy. These recommendations combine our experience and that of our customers, constituting a unique knowledge base, saving thousands of dollars in consulting.

Furthermore, ZENERGY lets you compare your building with others with similar characteristics.

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