Zenergy helps Industries, Buildings and Corporations into saving energy.

Customizable Energy Dashboards.

Integrate your energy management.

ZENERGY collects your consumption data through electric meters, solar, gas, water, waste and any data source, and integrates them into a single, simple web view from which you can access all the information in your building and interact with them.

ZENERGY can generate customized reports, where you can individualize or grouping your information at will, by analyzing the behavior of your building and its consumption over time.

ZENERGY's users can create new custom dashboards, share and customize them with simple drag and drop actions adding consumption indicators, doing analysis of critical variables, totalizing real savings and estimating your current energy efficiency index, among others features. All this key indicators can be graphed using different charting options.

Key Benefits
  • Learn the energy use of your buildings in real time and compare them to each other.

  • Identify critical variables to reduce your consumption.

  • Create reports and learn key information for decision-making.

  • Identify the Energy Star's efficiency rating of your buildings, prioritizing savings opportunities.

  • Communicate more efficiently the energy usage in your organization.

  • Identification of anomalies: Discover strange events in your building, or if the equipment is malfunctioning.

  • Get to know your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Energy Benchmarking.

Know your energy performance by benchmarking your resources.

ZENERGY analyzes and manages energy consumption of all your buildings or businesses, focusing on reducing both energy consumption and money spent. By knowing and monitoring your energy consumption and the composition of it, along with the pre-defined goals, you will achieve significant cost savings and avoid penalties from your energy provider.

ZENERGY lets you compare the consumption of your building against themselves in previous time periods, against similar buildings, or compare against our client anonymous data.

The first step into saving energy is to know its composition and consumption in real time, making your energy "visible".

Key Benefits
  • Achieve high energy efficiency ratings, backed up by international certifications like Energy Star or LEED.

  • Identify consumption trends and seasonal factors.

  • Having reliable information to carry out improvement projects.

  • Check compliance of your energy policies.

  • Measuring and comparing your monthly energy performance lets you know if your building has improved compared to prior periods, other buildings in the portfolio, or similar buildings.

"You can not improve what you do not know"

Energy Reporting

Create and personalize custom reports.

ZENERGY has energy analysis tools unique in its kind, helping you to manage your properties and devices, greatly simplifying data collection, processing and later analysis.

ZENERGY can generate customized reports, where you can individualize or grouping your information at will, by analyzing the behavior of your building and its consumption over time.

ZENERGY's charting features are highly customizable, allowing you to select time periods for grouping per minutes or days to week or months, among others. This parameterization is very simple and can be done by any employee in your company. ZENERGY reports can be exportorted to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.), Adobe (PDF) and other standard formats on the market.

Key Benefits
  • Anomalies Identification: Discover which equipments are malfunctioning in your building. Identify whether the consumption of them are correct and the key factors that lead to it, or if they need adjustment. Discover energy "wasting" and the actions to correct it.

  • Real-time tracking: All reports include online information, not offline or pre-processed data, so you are able to take real-time actions.

  • Highly customizable: ZENERGY allows you to visualize any variable in your industry and choose which type of graph to represent it, share your charts with other users, or see all your charts all together in an integrated view.


Zenergy helps you reach and certify energy efficiency ratings from Energy Star and LEED, which result in tax savings and lower operational costs.

ZENERGY helps you achieve greater energy efficiency that, following the certification standards defined by an international organization such as Energy Star or LEED, allows your buildings to benefit from government programs which can reduce energy costs, reduce taxes and ease the acquisition of new devices for energy optimization projects. Energy efficient buildings accrue higher market value.

ZENERGY is an Energy Star partner, and the data collected is reported directly to it, facilitating the certification process to apply for these tax benefits. We can help in the process of certification and energy consulting.

Key Benefits
  • Get a guaranteed energy efficiency rating, with international avail.

  • Significant cost savings and purchase of equipment certified buildings.

  • We collaborate with our customers into achieving energy efficiency certifications: we are partners of Energy Star and LEED.

  • See how your building is performing against government databases or similar buildings.

Safe and efficient automation.

Zenergy can remotely control your buildings.

ZENERGY provides real-time information of electricity, gas, water, HVAC, while saving time and money in the acquisition and management of this information.

ZENERGY not only measures and monitors energy and information, but also allows remote control of motors, pumps and other devices with one click. ZENERGY supports 99% of devices in the market, and is your best choice when seeking to integrate devices from different manufacturers under a single operating platform.

ZENERGY allows you to manage complex operations such as weather normalization, caculating your energy efficiency rating, energy audit, key activities to optimize the use of your building.

Key Benefits
  • Achieving high energy efficiency ratings.

  • Get international energy certifications (Energy Star, LEED, etc.).

  • Participate in energy programs and submit your building's information to participate in government tax incentives.

  • Positive environmental impact of your organization while lowering your operational costs.

Zenergy helps automate your building devices, including: electrical energy, water, HVAC, boilers, motors, among others.

Audit the bill from your provider.

Find differences between the invoice from your provider and your actual usage.

ZENERGY's billing system allows you to audit your energy provider's invoice, verifying that no error in the invoice exists. Based on our own experience, provider's invoice many times have differences between the actual measurement of your consumption and the one informed in your invoice.

ZENERGY has an advanced fare system, unique in its kind. ZENERGY allows in-depth control over rates, taking into account timing and special conditions, fixed charges, government taxes, and so on, creating a very accurate model that mimics the one of your energy provider.

ZENERGY also allows you to audit the quality of energy of your energy provider, or track and record power outages, which later can be used for filling up your complain. Forecasting your future energy's cost based on your past consumption is the key to prevent an unpleasant surprise.

Key Benefits
  • Contrast energy consumption of your building in detail, rather than rely only on the invoice from your supplier totality.

  • Don't rely any longer just in your provider's invoice, take control of your budget.

  • Discover usage trends and plan your production wisely.

  • Fill a complain to your provider and ask for economical refunds.

  • Compare different provider's rates and find the best supplier.

Zenergy leads firms to constant improvement in efficiency, sustainability and energy management expenses.

Forecast your consumption and budget.

Assess and record the savings achieved by your projects and improvements made, and forecast your future expenses.

Based on your historical records and by using corrective variables, ZENERGY can forecast the consumption ​​of energy and set realistic goals. ZENERGY includes advanced budgeting features, allowing an accurate forecasting.

Key Benefits
  • Forecast your future consumption based on historical information.

  • Modelling different scenarios and their variables.

  • Identifying the impact of your consumption, and make changes in your budget.

  • Set clear goals for energy savings.

  • Compare your current consumption against future usage.

Real Savings.

ZENERGY eases the visualization of real savings against past periods. ZENERGY also helps you to make sure that policies and measures have been taken for lowering energy consumption: One of the highlights of any improvement project in energy efficiency is checking if your saving goals have been achieved.

ZENERGY compares your consumption to your historical costs, plotting out the differences in a simple way, so you'll know exactly how much energy or money has been saved.

Key Benefits
  • Check the success of energy efficiency projects.

  • Compare results with past periods or future forecasts.

  • Identify the best practices in the industry.

Consumption Goals.

ZENERGY allows you to stablished consumption or value goals within any periods of time and control their fulfillment by analyzing the data gathered from different data sources.

Through historical analysis and comparisons with the same periods in previous times, you can develop a consistent strategy for reducing carbon emissions or energy consumption in your organization.

Key Benefits
  • Communicates effectively your consumption objectives.

  • Monitors and automatizes alarms and events in order to achieve them.

  • Compare your current consumption against your goals and objectives.

  • Review whether expectations and reality are aligned, thus taking early action to correct wrong values.