Zenergy helps Industries, Buildings and Corporations into saving energy.

Leader in sustainable management.

A comprehensive solution to energy management.

ZENERGY is a software for energy management (EMS) that achieves high energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption of buildings, corporations, Government and industries.

ZENERGY collects and analyzes consumption and composition of your energy from various resources, such as electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling (HVAC), or even waste management, thus reducing and optimizing the use of your resources and the money spent.

With ZENERGY you can achieve:

  • Analyzing and comparing (benchmarking) the energy consumption of your building or company, making it visible.

  • Increase energy efficiency index, optimizing consumption.

  • Identify savings opportunities and track the ROI of your improvement efforts.

  • Save time and increase the reliability of your equipments by automating their control.

  • Programming and execution of preventive and / or corrective actions.

  • Certify your building or company, achieving Energy Star standards and / or LEED.

An efficient energy management policy helps reduce costs, increase resource savings, and improves overall operations. In addition, Zenergy helps to greatly reduce the ecological footprint.

ZENERGY has been designed for two different markets: for Industries and for Buildings and Government.

Zenergy is productivity.

ZENERGY provides substantial and accurate information for decision making. Its custom reports includes energy consumption levels, money spent on them and carbon emissions generated. ZENERGY also simplifies complex variables such as operating costs, downtime, power quality or total consumption per resources.

By providing an on-going and real-time analysis of your energy consumption and actual cost of it, together with ZENERGY's unique approach into integrating any type of information source, you will save time and money otherwise spent in gathering, processing and study of your data.

Zenergy is sustainability.

ZENERGY strategically manages not only energy, but also carbon emissions (Sustainability & Carbon Management). Provides fast and accurate measurements, with reports of energy consumption and environmental impact of your organization. It also allows to audit, set consumption goals and forecast your energy usage.

Zenergy is integration.

Integrated to your production processes, ZENERGY was designed to fit seamlessly into existing systems in any organization, improving them without the need to re-design or replacement.

Using the Google Maps technology, ZENERGY binds energy consumption to this well-known service, and displays your information sources on a map with all the key-factors associated with each one (energy consumption, established goals, energy efficiency rating, total cost , etc.).

Zenergy is security.

ZENERGY has extensive fault tolerance and ensures minimum down-time in case you need replacements in its infrastructure, without ever compromising your production environment. ZENERGY was developed under the most demanding technological processes, overcoming extensive automated testing in production environments which guarantees an error-free solution.